Confidence makes all the difference!

Confidence makes all the difference!
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If you had to rate your confidence level right now, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being great), what would it be?  Self-confidence is defined as a belief in oneself and believing you can make a difference.  Do you fit the criteria?  What’s holding you back?

Recently, I spent an evening with several assistants.  The focus of the conversation turned to the topic of confidence.  Here are some tips and stories that I hope will inspire you to build your confidence level.

Increase your confidence!

Believe and empower yourself.  I was new to a job and trying hard to come up with a solution to a problem.  I didn’t have the resources or the skills to get the job done, or at least that’s what I believed.  I was feeling overwhelmed and went to my executive for advice.  He simply responded, “You’re a high-level executive assistant — go figure out how to get it done!”   That was all I needed…permission.  From that time forward, I became a problem-solver and a critical thinker and confronted tasks and issues with confidence.  Other assistants have shared similar stories where their boss told them that they were the best person for the job and to go do what they do best.  They realized that they had the power to accomplish tasks by using their experience, network and resources.  A starting point is to believe you can do it.  Don’t wait for someone to give you permission like I did.

Visualize confidence in your role:  Assistants I’ve coached and talked with have told me that starting a new job can be intimidating.  They’ve learned to rely on their knowledge and experience to get them through.  Visualizing success improves your confidence and decision-making skills.  Act as if you already know what you’re doing (yes, sometimes we have to fake it until we make it).  Don’t forget to check-in with your boss to clarify calendar, travel, meeting preferences, and other important information.   Look for a future download to help you maneuver a new position or improve communication with your current boss.

Write down or track your accomplishments.  Our day gets so busy that we lose track with what we’ve accomplished over the year.  Be sure to set-up a folder or spreadsheet to keep track of your accomplishments.   During performance reviews and other situations, I’ve reminded my boss about times when I’ve connected him and other staff members with contacts that have brought in revenue, processes I’ve established that have streamlined or improved the way we do business, and contracts negotiated where I’ve saved the company money.  Be sure to keep track of emails or notes where people have thanked you for a job well done.

Use body language to show confidence.  In Amy Cuddy’s book Presence, Amy shares information about the importance of body language in building your confidence.  Check out her TED talk where she shares information about how your body language shapes who you are.   My favorite position is the Wonder Woman pose.  What power-pose boosts your confidence?  Practice it!

Please share any comments, situations, techniques, or other ideas about what helps you maintain and build your confidence level.

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