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What Ben Franklin Taught Me about Influencing Adversaries in the Workplace
Image December 20, 2019 Featured Susan Spreitzer

About 14 years ago I found myself in the uncomfortable and frustrating situation of butting heads with a fellow Executive Assistant who made things as simple as setting up meetings between our Executives a constant uphill battle. It was essentially her way or the highway, which created a working environment that I found increasingly more

Organizing Detailed Travel for Your Executive?
Image February 25, 2019 Featured Susan Spreitzer

“I need to get to Europe for some critical meetings next week,” your executive says as he quickly passes by your desk. “What? Are you kidding?” you say to yourself with a touch of anxiety. In the Admin world, travel is one of the most important tasks we handle for our executive. There are so

Admin Wizards Bend Things to Their Will
Image July 15, 2018 Best Practices,Featured Susan Spreitzer

Picture yourself as the organizer of a Board offsite event. Your executive asks you to schedule a few ad hoc meetings prior to the start of the meeting. “No problem,” you say. “I got this.” You’ve already signed a contract with the hotel and made all the arrangements so adding a meeting at the hotel

How to Approach Your Manager and Get Approval to Attend Training
Image January 31, 2018 Crucial Conversations,Featured,Uncategorized Linda McFarland

So you want to attend a conference or other educational program. There’s only one catch. How do you approach your boss to ask if you can attend, and get approval for the company to pay the fee? Here are eight tips to help you succeed: What will you learn? Pull together the details of the

Productivity Tips for Delegating
Image January 15, 2018 Featured Susan Spreitzer

It was a busy day at the office, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the “to dos” on my list. There was one item in particular that was causing me some angst. I approached my executive to get his input about how to manage some of the details. His advice to me

Starting a new job?
Image January 8, 2018 Featured Linda McFarland

It’s a new year, and I’m wondering if any of you are starting your year with a new job. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing opportunity presented to me. After weighing the pros and cons, I accepted and in a few weeks, I will be supporting the CEO of a public company. I’m

Is Procrastination-Syndrome Getting in your Way?
Image December 16, 2017 Featured Susan Spreitzer

As the holidays fly by, I realize that I procrastinate in some areas. Do you find that to be true for you? With so much technology available to us, you would think we wouldn’t have a problem with procrastination. The ability to overcome procrastination and tackle the important items on your list can have the

Special Two-Day Event
Image December 3, 2017 Featured Linda McFarland

As technology continues to improve, it seems we spend less and less face time with each other. Or perhaps it’s those frustrating computer issues we have from day-to-day that cause our emotions to run thin and our stress levels to increase. With technology issues, it slows down our productivity. Our boss asks, “When will you

Tips, Techniques, Strategies and Checklists for Events
Image July 30, 2017 Featured,Uncategorized admin

How do you create events that engage? If you weren’t able to attend our Events4Admins in July, you can still learn a few tips in this blog and download some of the sample checklists that were shared. What’s the Purpose? If you truly want a memorable event, start by determining the purpose. Is it an

Top Six Priorities and Productivity Method That Works
Image April 3, 2017 Featured,Uncategorized admin

Are you like me searching for ways to improve your productivity? In talking with Admins all over the world, I’ve learned that we are constantly looking for more innovative ways to get things done. Although there are many cleaver apps and software programs that claim to save us time, I’ve learned that there are some